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Important Information for Parents and Carers - Year 1

We can confirm a positive Covid-19 result within Year 1 has been reported to us today in line with track and trace guidelines.


As a result, we have informed the parents and carers of the children in Year 1 of their need to self-isolate. A further email regarding how learning will take place during this period will follow.


For clarity, Year 1 will return to school on Monday 12th July 2021.


The school’s policy of operating in distinct bubbles means we can clarify that all other year groups remain unaffected.


We understand hearing this news may cause questions and concerns and we are happy to address those directly via email ( or telephone.


Please be reassured that if there is news that affects your child’s year group directly, we will contact you and that the safety of our children and staff remains our top priority.


Thank you once again for your understanding and co-operation.