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Youth Speaks Competition

Three members of Year 6 attended the annual Youth Speaks contest held at Salisbury Road Primary School and organised by the Rotary Club. 

ThIs round of the competition was between the schools within the Learning Academies Trust and was an opportunity for the children to write and present on a topic that interests them. Our children chose the theme “Inspiring People” and was centred around the achievements of World Cup winning cricketer, Ben Stokes. 

Ben’s attitude and commitment to lead his team to success was identified as a quality our children aspire to have.  His passion for his sport and his ambition and drive to be a winner also impressed our children. The team researched about Ben’s life and delivered a factual and entertaining piece to the judges. They also tackled the unscripted section with confidence and we hope they “bowled” the judges over with their knowledge and confidence. 

We hope to hear soon about how well they got on. Thank you Lennon, Ruby and Harry - a super team and are very proud of you!