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Reading Week - Make Reading Your Superhero Power!


This week, we have been celebrating our love of reading and uncovering our super powers. 


We have all visited the Star Book Café and had the opportunity to discover new genres of book and we attempted to break some world records!


On Friday, we dressed as our favourite super heroes.

Sport Relief 2020

Sport Relief brings people together to fight inequality and make the world a better place for all. 


Your child is invited to wear sports clothing on Friday for a suggested donation of 50p.  This year is a special year for sport at Shakespeare as our girls' football team has reached two regional cup final competitions and as a result will be travelling to Cardiff and Bath in March.  To help fund the coaches to these events, we will be using half of our Sports Relief money this year which we feel is a worthy cause and shows our great support to the girls team. 


Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

Be The Best You Can Be Week

This week, we have been looking at what and who inspires us. We looked at the lives of inspirational people such as Greta Thunberg, Ed Sheeran, Sir David Attenborough, John Williams, Banksy and Ken Nedimyer. The children then wrote about their favourite person and a few children presented their findings in assembly on Friday.


On Thursday Afternoon, we were honoured to host a wealth of guest speakers who talked about how they chose their careers and the path they took to achieve great things. We would like to thank the following people for their time:


Ted Higgins - F1 car mechanic

Squadron Leader Dheeraj Bhasin  - Senior First Officer for BA and RAF Fast Jet Pilot

Matt Cole - Sheep Farmer

Janette Owen - Stage Manager

Simon Sykes - Building Surveyor

Rose Bonsier - Deputy Chief Electrician

Jade Scott - Business Networking Group

Richard Tremain - Royal Navy Recruitment

Rhianna Greeley - Solicitor

Hannah Creasy - Social Worker

Sophie Bailey - Podcaster

Babs Horton - Creative Writer

Simon Spry  - CEO of LAT


All the children were amazed how some of our speakers have overcome hurdles to capture their dream job. It certainly has inspired their young minds to think outside the box and aspire to achieve great things.


On Friday, the children dressed up as the profession they hope to take on when they are adults. We had everything from footballers and YouTubers, ballet dancers and photographers, zoologists and doctors to teachers and welders. Every year, the staff at Shakespeare feel this week opens up a world of opportunity for the children to share more about their dreams for the future and the interests they have.


A fantastic week had by all!

Christmas Choir at Transit Way

Our wonderful choir performed some festive tunes at Transit Way to bring Christmas alive for the shoppers. Everyone enjoyed the songs and bringing cheer to everyone’s day. 

Election results are in...

All results overseen by Elmer!

Reverse Advent for Foodbank Plymouth


Each day, one class has been collecting items for Foodbank Plymouth as part of our Reverse Advent initiative. It’s a fun way to give a little back this Christmas. 


The displays are looking spectacular and the totals are mounting up.... which class will collect the most? Find out on the last day of term!

Elmer visits Shakespeare! 

We are delighted to be hosting the LAT Elmer for the two weeks before Christmas. 

Elmer will be busy in the school, getting involved in some of the festive fun and the day to day learning that takes place. 

See what he had been doing in the photos below.

Guitar Spectacular


Our wonderful guitar students have been working very hard this year with Miss Newton to learn a range of modern pieces. They  performed these superbly to their parents and the Year 2 pupils. 

Katy Cawkwell - Mayflower Storytelling


On Monday 1st July children from Years 1 to 4 enjoyed a performance of the Mayflower story by Katy Cawkwell, story-teller. Year 3 parents also took part and were delighted to see that their children have been learning in such an entertaining but informative way.


Katy was commissioned to tell the story as part of the Community Sparks project (funded by Mayflower 400 Plymouth) as part of the celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of their voyage from Plymouth in 1620.

Summer Term Display Boards

In The Purple

 Today, the children and staff all wore purple in honour of survivors of cancer in the UK. Recently, Mrs Slade, who was an MTA at Shakespeare for many years, lost her fight to cancer and today we remembered her. Children generously donated to our charity collection and we will update you with the total shortly.

Outdoor Fun!


The Early Years Children have been playing outside and exploring the fantastic outdoor space we have here at Shakespeare School. A recent visitor remarked how lucky we are to have such lovely open spaces for our children to enjoy and we can't help but to agree with them.

Internet Safety

The Upper Primary have been talking to an internet safety consultant from Devon and Cornwall Police about how to stay online. The children,  who are generally well informed about being safe online, were somewhat surprised to learn that an image sent online would travel through approximately 150 computer servers across the world before being delivered.


They were also shocked that the likes of Instagram and Snapchat can stored these images indefinitely and retain ownership rights, which means they could sell them on for commercial purposes.

CAP Awareness

This week, the team from CAP UK (Child Assault Prevention) have been teaching the children of Shakespeare to be Safe, Strong and Free. Using age appropriate language and themes, the team empower the children to say no to a variety of potentially dangerous situations and encourage them to report anything they feel uncomfortable with to a trusted adult. 


More information can be found at

Morrisons Book Donation. 


A huge thank you to Brenda, the community champion for Morrisons Plymouth, who donated a wonderful range of books to the school as part of World Book Day. Thank you so much. The children think the selection is wonderful. 

Reading Festival - Pirate Week!


Shiver me timbers!  What a swashbuckling week it has been as we have been celebrating our love for reading. From the transformation of the Enquiry Zone into the Black Pearl to the awe inspiring workshops with Clive Pig, me' hearties have had a belly-busting, rip-snorting good time embracing the pirate theme and sharing our joy for rich vocabulary and crazy characters. It was all hands on deck as we enjoyed using the green screen technology and creating their own movie.


Don't be a lily-livered cockle, walk the plank to your child's year group area to see some of the amazing work they have created this week.



Clive Pig captivating his audience.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Arts Day


Another fantastic Arts Day was enjoyed by the whole school on Tuesday. Check out each of the year group pages to see what amazing pieces of art have been produced. 


In addition to this, we are delighted to have been awarded with an Artsmark Silver Award, part of the Arts Council England school scheme. We are delighted to have received this and now have our sights set on going for gold. 

A fabulous end to a fabulous week!


Wow! So many inspirational people have been learnt about this week and we had some superb presentations during our final assembly.

All the children came to school dressed up as their dream career and we had some great discussions about how they will pursue their dreams.


All the children have demonstrated that they are really keen to be the best they can be.



Who inspires you?


The children have been learning about inspirational people from Mother Teresa to Tim Peake; Ed Sheeran to Malala Yousafzai;  Martin Luther-King to Bethany Hamilton - people from different generations and backgrounds but all inspiring in their own right.


Please take some time to watch the short videos below to find out how the children were inspired. 

Ed Sheeran

Still image for this video
Despite struggling with speech as a child, he overcame this through his love of music to become a great musician and songwriter.

Mo Farah

Still image for this video
Overcoming adversity and never giving up despite a less privileged start to life has inspired Year 3.

J K Rowling

Still image for this video
Helping others through charity, never giving up on her dream and creating their favourite book series has inspired Year 4

Muhammad Ali

Still image for this video
Year 5 were inspired by his strength when standing up for what he believed in.

Anne Frank

Still image for this video
Year 6 were inspired by her bravery and courage and felt grateful for the life they have.

Stephen Seki launches Be The Best You Can Be Week.


It was all about positive energy as the children arrived to assembly on Monday morning to the beats of “Happy”.

At the front of the hall was Stephen, a vibrant and energetic character, greeting the children with friendly waves. 


Stephen story started in Uganda. He was five years old and walking a four hour round trip to get to school each day in bare feet. His mother was absent and his father was rarely around. The classroom was a tree and the age group was mixed. Upon returning home, Stephen would fetch the water, care for the cattle and till the land. He felt his life was rich with one meal a day once all the chores were done. He even thought he spoke fluent English as he recited his ABC’s. He had one dream: to see his mum. 


At the age of 10, his life was about to change and his dream was about to be realised. He would travel alone to England to meet his mother and begin life here. He soon worked out that he did not understand the language and school was hard. 


One day, Stephen decided he would be successful and worked extremely hard to improve his grades. Eventually he made his way to University and became a pharmacist. 


Stephen is driven by positive thoughts. He encouraged the children to believe that they are amazing and we all came away from his assembly believing:


  • I can do this 
  • I will do this
  • I must do this. 


Watch Stephen’s video about his day at Shakespeare here:

Dick Whittington at the Theatre Royal


Wow was the response from the children as John Partridge emerged from below the stage in a cloud of smoke as King Rat in the opening scene of the pantomime at the Theatre Royal.  The evil villain was booed and hissed with gusto as he tried to frame Dick Whittington and take over London. His plot was stopped with the help of the Fairy and soon all wrongs were righted with Dick marrying Alice and becoming Mayor of London. 


At one point, a giant rat emerged onto the stage with flashing red eyes. The popularity of this prop divided the audience with it being mentioned as a firm favourite by the children of Year 3 but less so by the younger viewers (and one or two of the adults!)


Children in the Upper Phase loved the songs from their favourite movies and pop stars with many singing along. The younger children loved the Fairy (played by Samantha Womack) who appeared with a swish of a wand and a pop of fairy dust. They also loved the "flossing" ghost who caused mayhem in Jack and his mother's bedroom. 


Members of staff where scripted into the show when the Dame took a shine to Mr Howe, Jack with Mrs Williams and King Rat to Miss Ridgwell who was less than comfortable when his band of furry sidekicks got a lot closer the she was expecting! 


It was an amazing whole school event, kindly supported by the generous donation by the Honicknowle Labour councillors.

Amazing Christmas Productions!


A huge well done to all the year groups for performing with such energy and enthusiasm during their Christmas productions. 


Early Years put on a Strictly Christmas with extra "awwwww" factor with cuteness pouring from the stage. It was definitely a perfect 10 from us! Well done!


Lower Primary showed us the Nativity through the eyes of Grandpa in "Grandpa's Nativity. Wonderful singing and acting in the charming tale of how Christmas came to be.  Great job Lower Primary!


Upper Primary created panic in the Panto with their version of "Panto Pandemonium" where four children help the good fairy to overcome the evil witch and restore magic to Pantoland. Wonderful solos and some very scary cackling, Upper Primary! 

Festive Jam with Plymouth Music Zone


Our talented guitarists performed at the Plymouth Music Zone's Festive Jam and were the youngest musicians there. They played George Ezra's Shotgun and This is Me from the Greatest Showman. 


They thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Pictures from the event are below. 

We're off to the Panto with thanks to Honicknowle Labour Councillors

The whole school is off to see the pantomime at Plymouth Theatre Royal thanks to the generous support of Honicknowle Labour Councillors: Pete Smith, John Lowry and Pam Buchan.


They recently visited the school and presented a cheque for £600 to help fund this amazing opportunity. 


The full press release can be read below:



Shakespeare Primary children visit pantomime with help from Honicknowle Labour Councillors


Labour Councillors Mark Lowry, Pam Buchan and Pete Smith, are giving £600 to Shakespeare Primary School in Honicknowle, to help send the pupils to experience theatre in the city centre, free of charge, watching Dick Whittington.


Karen Menis, Headteacher at Shakespeare Primary School, said: “The pantomime is a firm favourite! This supports the children's understanding of traditional tales, the difference between live and recorded performances, as well as immersing them in the magic of theatre. Thank you to our local councillors who have supported the funding of the trip this year, enabling pupils to attend the pantomime, which would be 'out of reach' for many of our families.”


Shakespeare Primary School is committed to providing a varied, enriching curriculum for its pupils, including taking the children, free of charge, to see a live theatrical performance every two years. Ward councillors recognise that this enables every child to experience a high quality performance and to enjoy what the city has to offer, regardless of their family circumstances. 


Cllr Mark Lowry, cabinet member for the city centre, said: “We have a vibrant city centre and wealth of venues for performing arts in Plymouth, which should be accessible to residents in Honicknowle. We’re delighted to help the children of Shakespeare Primary experience this seasonal treat and cultural experience.”


Cllr Pam Buchan said: “When I visited the school before the summer holidays, I was blown away by the quality of the school and the hard working ethos displayed by all the children. It can be difficult for families to get into the city and take a trip to the theatre, but I think every child deserves to have a cultural opportunity like this.”


Cllr Pete Smith, cabinet member in charge of culture, said: “Research consistently shows the advantages that children and young people receive from access to the arts, in their school education, likelihood of going on to attend university, to vote and to secure employment as adults. These benefits should not be restricted to young people from affluent areas or to the families that can afford to pay for them. As Labour ward councillors, Mark, Pam and I are all in complete support of Shakespeare Primary School’s work to broaden access to the arts for their pupils.”


Shakespeare Primary School prides itself on providing opportunities for all children to take part in Drama, Music and the Arts, across the curriculum. Emphasis is placed on Oracy, across all curriculum subjects, giving children the opportunity to communicate and have their voice heard, whilst developing their confidence to speak aloud. Attending the Pantomime biannually, provides the children with inspiration and raises their aspirations for their own performances that include: class assemblies, Christmas productions, Harvest celebrations and a leavers show in Year 6.


As a school we truly value the Arts, alongside the core curriculum subjects, and look for opportunities to embed the arts within all curriculum areas. Pupils embrace opportunities to express themselves in a wide range of different genres. Visiting the theatre as a whole school gives an equal opportunity for all to experience and enjoy the awe and wonder that comes from a visit to the theatre at this magical time of year. Previous visits have inspired some high quality outcomes for pupils across the whole school. We eagerly await our next visit.

LAT Christmas Card Competition


We are excited to be taking part in the LAT Christmas Card Competition. Children had the opportunity to glam up the LAT tree template with sparkles and glitz, giving our logo a festive feel. 


6 entries have been selected for consideration by the Trust Board were the overall winners will be awarded with a certificate and a prize!


Here are some of our entries and the final 6. 

Arts Day


It’s Arts Day at Shakespeare. Keep checking back as pictures will appear throughout the day!


Year 1 are with the Year 3 team using clay to make Gruffalo characters and learning relaxation techniques through Yoga.


Year 2 are with the Year 1 team doing Autumn finger painting and wax resist alongside a leafy collage from fallen leaves with the school grounds


Year 3 are with the Year 2 team to explore the French artist, Matisse and turn their hand to drumming. 


Year 4 are with the Year 6 team creating pastel images in the style of Chuck Close and posters in the style of Andy Warhol. 


Year 5 stayed within their Year team due to swimming to have a go at recreating Egyptian faces, using photos of their own face as a starting point. 


Year 6 are with the Year 4 team using pastels to create World War 2 dreamscapes and mixed medium to recreate the realist style of Joan Miro. 





Taiko Drumming

Still image for this video

Odd Socks Day!


Today, to launch the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week, the children and staff took part on Odd Socks Day to celebrate what makes us all individual and unique. There were stripes, stars and colours galore. 


Here are some of the marvellous socks on display.

My Personal Best


At the end of last term, 30 children from across the LAT came to Shakespeare to take part in the first "My Personal Best" workshop.


This workshop will be rolled out across all of the schools over coming months and all children will take part and be encouraged to achieve their personal best, to never give up and to give 100% in all they do.


The workshop is physical activity focused and encourages the children to be active and healthy.  Each week, children will take part in a variety of exercises and compete against each school. 


It was great to see all the children making new friends from across the LAT and thanks goes to Mr Howe running the workshop and making it a success. 


Charity 2018-2019


The children have discussed and voted for their chosen charity of the year and we are delighted to announce that the three phases will be supporting the following causes:


  • Early Years - Devon and Cornwall Food Action
  • Lower Primary - Surfers against Sewage
  • Upper Primary - Save the Children

From Fish to Dish


The whole school gathered around our "harvest" of donations this morning to celebrate the theme - From Fish to Dish.  A generous quantity of food, ready for collection by the Foodbank Plymouth, formed the centrepiece of our musical assembly.


During the assembly, that was also attended by School Governors, parents and friends of Shakespeare, we heard  fantastic performances of singing. The whole school sang "There's a Big Ship Sailing" accompanied by Mr Norris on guitar, Mrs Tucker on Flute, and Miss Spring on keyboard. A special week down to Stephanie for her performance, also on the keyboard.  


Our youngest members of the school took us through "A Fishy Tale" whilst the Lower Phase children sang to us "The Epic Journey to the Plate".


For the first time ever, we had rapping in the Upper Phase performance of "Fish to Plate - The Big Debate".


We ended our celebration with a school harvest tradition - the singing of Big Red Combine Harvester - a firm favourite with all the children and staff.


Katie from the Foodbank thanked the children for their donations and we will update you shortly with how much we managed to collect.


Reverend Andy Bowden led the school in prayer, giving thanks for the food we receive.


Photos from the assembly can be seen below.


Jeans for Genes Day 2018

On Friday 21st September, the whole school got involved with Jeans for Genes Day and raised money for Kabuki UK. Kabuki UK is run by five voluntary trustees who collectively identified the need for a support group for families affected by Kabuki Syndrome. Members of our Shakespeare family have a personal connection to this charity which is why it was so important for the entire school to support the cause. 


The charity has five main aims:


1. To raise awareness of Kabuki Syndrome by distributing information to local hospitals and gaining a higher internet and press presence.


2. To provide information, advice and resources about Kabuki Syndrome and establish a network of regional coordinators, who will provide support and help for newly diagnosed families in that region.


3. To fundraise, with both regional and national events, to support the charity's aims.


4. To organise and publicise family events, fundays, which will provide families affected with Kabuki with a chance to meet other families and share experiences, as well as a chance to have an enjoyable break.


5. To provide a system of grants for the purchase of equipment which families effected by Kabuki Syndrome may need but are unable to access from other sources. 


To find out more about Kabuki UK, please click here.

Also on the day, Belinda, our Kitchen Manager baked over 400 blue biscuits to sell in aid of the Kabuki charity. We would like to take this opportunity to  thank Cater ED for covering the cost of making the biscuits. 



Take a look at Mrs Bennett's wonderful Summer Activity Calendar to discover an event near you today. 

Summer Term Display Boards - Health and Wellbeing

Choose How You Move!


The Lower Primary took to moving around the school grounds on Friday in all manner of ways to raise money for their chosen charity, Stand Up For Cancer. 


They hopped, skipped, ran and walked their way around the course in the gorgeous summer  weather. 


Everyone had had a great time and lots of money was raised. A final total will be announced soon.

Sports Day 2018

Photographs from Sports Day will start to appear in the year group folders over the next few days. Keep an eye on Twitter (@SPSPlymouth) to be alerted when each year group is live. 


We really enjoyed the day and thank you to toddlers, mums, dads and grandad for taking part in the family events. 

Active Travel Breakfast


Thank You to all the parents and children for supporting our recent active travel breakfast as part of Health Week.A massive thank you to Tesco for donating all of the fruit, water and the gift card for the raffle.

Sports Day 2018


The rain held off just long enough for the 2018 Shakespeare Sports Day and Family Picnic to take place on the school field. It was a sea of red, blue, yellow and green as the children assembled in their house colours to cheer each other on in the variety of events from: egg and spoon, skipping, sprinting, sack and the fast-paced finale, the relay event. 


Good sportsmanship was shown throughout the year groups with children congratulating not just the winners but also the children who tried their hardest to finish their event. We couldn't be prouder of the children for how they supported each other throughout the morning. 


As always,  only one house team could win overall and this year, the team with the most points was Hamlet! Well done to all the children in Hamlet for your victory. 


It was lovely to see so many siblings watching this year and we ran three individual toddler races. Mums reluctantly took the field for a super speedy mums race and we had two waves of dads and grandads lining up to stampede down the track. No fallers this year! 


After the events, everyone enjoyed a family picnic and a fine time was had by all!


Thank you to everyone who helped support this event. Photos will be coming onto the website over the coming days so keep an eye on our Twitter account @SPSPlymouth to be notified when each year group page has been loaded. 


Health Week 2018

Health Week was introduced to the children in a fun and interactive assembly, featuring Mr Norris and Mr Howe as contestants in our own version of Ready, Steady, Cook! The children asked questions about cooking and healthy choices whilst the teachers cooked up a lovely chicken and peanut stir fry and some fluffy breakfast pancakes, topped with a raspberry coulis! 


Initially the judges thought they’d love Mr Norris’ pancakes over Mr Howe’s stirfry, yet it was Mr Howe who took the win after the tasting element. Well done! 


Throughout the week, everyone will be taking part in a variety of fun activities such as: smoothie making, street surfing, golf, bike obstacle riding, blindfolded football,yoga and much more. We will also be offering fruit and water on arrival to school. 


This week, we also unveiled our newly designed kitchen hatch which is vibrant and informative. A video of its transformation can be found below.


Photos from the week will be added here regularly .

Kitchen Hatch Time-lapse

This is "Kitchen Hatch Time-lapse" by Shakespeare School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Lord Mayor's Procession - Taiko Drumming

A troop of drummer's joined Hannah, Miss Spring and Mrs Beswetherick in the city centre to demonstrate their fantastic drumming skills as part of the Lord Mayor's Procession. 


All the children were superb and we have received some lovely compliments from the community congratulating them for their performance. 


Well done! 

Taiko Drumming!

Still image for this video

Author Visit - David Lawrence Jones.


This week, we have been delighted to have had the author, David Lawrence Jones, visit our school. He held the children's attention captive during a vibrant and interactive workshop featuring a claw-footed bath! He talked to the children about how he went about writing his first book, its characters, settings and how he became published. 


He encouraged the children to read more widely by inspiring them with his own story of how he had thought of characters and tales when he was a young as 9 but his reluctance to read meant he was unable to (at that point) create a truly engaging story. With the support of his mother and teacher, he increased his reading spectrum and found a love for literacy and books. 


You can read more about David and his books on his website which can be found here


On Thursday, David returned to sign copies of his books that had been purchased by the children of all year groups. 


A Right Royal Garden Party


On Friday, the whole school joined together to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.


Reverend Andy Bowden lead an assembly discussing the official Christian marriage ceremony followed by the children exploring what other cultures and religions do to mark the occasion. 


The children wrote well wishes to the new couple and they were hung in the trees for all to read. 


A mass gathering took place on the field for garden party style picnic followed by an afternoon of games and a disco. 


All the children looked amazing, the sun shone and a great time was had by all. 


Be sure to check the year group section of the website to see images from the day. 

Pre-loved Clothes Swap Success!


Thank you to everyone who supported the clothes sale and helped us to raise an amazing £158.50.


Special thanks to Mrs Hacker, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Kempster and the Friends of Shakespeare for organising this event. 

Shakespeare’s Birthday Art


We celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday on the 23rd April with a special lunch and a session of art. We produced portraits of Shakespeare in the style of different artists. Can you recognise any of the styles in the picture below?


Please visit the enquiry zone where our best pieces are on display. 

Beautiful Window Display in our Library


Our library area has been coming to life recently with some beautiful new window displays.  Our super talented Mrs Whiting and Miss Patterson dedicated time to creating the wonderful displays to brighten the area and make the area even more attractive for the children. 

The Big Pedal


This week, all the children, parents and staff will be encouraged to walk, scooter, cycle and even roller blade to school as part of The Big Pedal project. Children who live a little further away from the school can also take part by using the Park and Stride scheme that operates from the local Tesco car park. 


Each day, we will be collecting information on how many children and adults took part. 


Have you taken part today?



Sport Relief Dance Off!

We had great fun dancing off in the MUGA for Sport Relief raising £159.61.

Creative Easter Activities


There have been a flurry of creative activities happening in the school today. From basket making, bunny ear wearing to card creating, the children have enjoyed being artistic and making some wonderful gifts to take home. A selection are below for you to see. 

Always Good Club 


During assembly today, we announced the latest members of our Always Good Club. These children always display beautiful manners, thoughtfulness and kindness. They are role models to their peers and make valuable contributions to our school family. 


The children will be treated to a tour of Plymouth Argyle next term. 


Congratulations and and thank you for being “Always Good.”

Easter Service

Today the whole school attended the Easter Service with half the school attending in the morning and half attending in the afternoon. 

There was a wonderful demonstration of singing and acting as the children of various year groups told the Easter story. 


Photos and video from the event are below. 


Easter Bonnets!


The Enquiry Zone is awash with colour from the wonderful collection of Easter bonnets that have been designed and made by the children across all year groups. The winning entry will be judged by PCSO Phillips and the winners will be announced during assembly on Wednesday. This will be followed by a Easter bonnet parade at 2.30pm within the school grounds. We look forward to seeing you all there. 

Sport Relief Dance Off!


Today for Sport Relief, we all dressed in our brightest and sportiest clothing and danced in the MUGA to a mash up of our favourite songs.  We have managed to raise an amazing £159.61.


Pictures from our day are below and next week we will put up a video of the event. 



On Friday 23rd March, you are invited to come to school dressed in bright and sporty clothing for a 50p donation.

In addition, you will be invited to join in with the "Sport Relief Mash-Up" where you will get to dance to some of your favourite songs.


Photos will be on the website after the event.