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Week 6.6 in photos - Toys

🥁Superheros and Taiko🦸‍♂️


Year 6 have been learning the art of foreshortening, an artistic technique that creates the illusion of projection or extension in space. They used this technique to bring their superheroes to life, jumping off the page towards the audience.


In the class novel, "Orphans of the Tide", the children started to make links between characters and themes.


They also have refined their timings and added flair to their performance and are ready to perform for the final time next week on the Taiko drums.


Sneaky peek of a warm up session:


The Year 6 running squad also competed their final mile for the Plymouth Schools Half Marathon Challenge using the new "Mile A Day" track. Each week they have become faster. This week they were 7 seconds faster than the week before and a whole 20 seconds faster than their first attempt!


Well Done Year 6!