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The Bards After School Club

The Bards Extended Childcare at Shakespeare


We run extended childcare daily during term-time from 3.10pm to 5.45pm.


This facility is open for up to 15 pupils each day from Reception to Year 6, who are members of our school family.  The Bards is run within the Early Years Unit and collection is via the Nursery door.



Each session is staffed by two staff members from a team:

Ms T Pearson

Mrs A Shute

Mrs P Wright

Miss L Rice

Mrs K Morris


Session times:

Each day a full session runs from 3.10pm to 5.45pm.  Pupils can be collected earlier, before 5pm, for a reduced session fee.  Any late collection (after 5.45pm) will result in late collection fee.


Pricing structure:

Our costs provide full childcare and a snack, which is served at 4.30pm.

  • Whole session (3.10pm to 5.45pm)                                        £10 per session
  • Part session (3.10pm to 5pm or 4.15pm to 5.45pm)           £6 per session
  • Late collection fee (after 5.45pm)                                           £2


Booking a session:

Extended childcare needs to be booked and paid for in advance.  Parents are asked to book a week ahead, at the school office before the sessions required.  Bookings can be taken on the day with payment in advance.

Money will not be refunded for non-attendance (even due to child sickness).



A snack will be provided each day, which complies with the Food Standards Agency.  All staff, serving food, have Food Hygiene certification.  Our snacks are varied and presented from a range of crackers and cheese spread, crumpets with jam, rice cakes, bread sticks, cheese and cucumber sticks with fruit or yoghurts.  Drinks are a choice of milk or water.


Example of structure of a session:

3.10pm Children meet club leaders in Library and register.  They move down to the Early Years Unit with all their belongings.

3.30pm Activity: Art, Craft, Sport, Video, Construction, Board games

4.30pm Snack time

5.00pm Collection for some children/ Activity: Art, Craft, Sport, Video, Construction, Board games

5.45pm Child care collection


Policies and procedures

The Bards Extended Childcare is aligned with all school policies, which can be found on our school website:


Parent contract:

Parents are asked to sign a contract before their child is accepted into The Bards.  This clearly sets out our terms and conditions.


Contact details:

School office (during school hours): 01752 312014

The Bards (4pm to 5.45pm): 07707 076559