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Here is an update from the Soweto School. Due to a change in circumstances, this is likely to be the last update we receive.



Nairobi Project
The project SPS has been supporting in Nairobi slums has succeeded superbly over the 6 years we have been visiting and you have been supporting. 
Thanks to your contributions the school now has: drinking water; mains sewage; a toilet block; classrooms for all year groups; a library/computer room with some of your old books; a proper stove in a stone kitchen; dry sleeping accommodation for the boarders with the girls & boys separated, each having their own bathroom facilities and finally a farm which is growing bananas. The school has now been given government recognition & can be used as an examination centre.  This status means such a lot to a slum community for which they thank you SPS. 
This is a huge achievement and you as a school should feel very proud. It is unlikely that we will return to the project as we are now too old and the conditions there are really arduous."