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September News!

Year One have had a super busy September! 


In Maths, they have been exploring key vocabulary - one more, one less, add, take away, equals. They have been using the theme of Autumn to help with their counting skills and they have been sorting shapes in accordance to size and colour. 


In English, they have been developing their phonics skills by using silly socks! They have enjoyed their class book - Peace At Last. Handwriting has been practised and they received a letter from Jack (of Beanstalk fame!). 


In History and Geography, they have been collecting and sharing memories and looking at human features of the world around them. 


In DT, they have been sewing and a wonderful sensory board has been created to help explore sensory skills. 


Outside of the classroom, they have been to Forest School and went on an animal hunt! 


Well done Year 1!