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Every one arrived safely at Powder Mill and quickly unpacked the coach. Making our beds was the first job and all children enjoyed choosing where they were sleeping. After a brief chat about safety we went straight out to explore our surroundings. The weather was warm enough to allow us to enjoy eating our lunch outside and after a short break we trekked off to Beliver Forest for activities. We all took part in creating natural artwork inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Upon returning, 'free time' allowed the children to either explore further or have some quiet game time.

Dinner was enjoyed by all the children. Pie, chips and beans with yogurt for pudding.

We had a great group quiz and supper before lights out..






Our day started around 6:00am. Breakfast of cereal and toast was busy and we were ready by 8:30 for the start of our busy day.

Travelling to Dewerstone by mini bus was fun and we were met by our leaders Ben and John. Our adventure started as soon as we were harnessed in climbing gear and helmets. Throughout the adventure we climbed, clambered, hiked, walked and even abseiled down a challenging path. Mr Howe was very impressed that everyone took part from the very beginning. 

Lunch was later than normal and we were all starving by the time we stopped at a beautiful spot to eat.

Soon after lunch we reached the summit of Dewerstone and enjoyed the views. I

It was late afternoon before we returned to Powder Mills and many of us were exhausted.

We had time to play and were pleased to have Mr Norris join us. 

Dinner was delicious! Sausages, mash, peas and gravy. For pudding we had apple pie and custard but the custard tasted a bit burnt! Mrs Skingle is not a good custard maker!

After dinner we all had showers and felt refreshed and very tired.

All in all an amazing day of super challenges, lots of laughs and great team work. 





The day started at a slightly slower pace today! After breakfast we all felt a little more refreshed and were excited for the day ahead. We packed our bags, gathered drinks along with a few snacks and listened carefully to Mr Hart's introduction to our hike across the moors. Mr Hart began as leader but soon asked for volunteers to lead the walk! Stopping regularly, new lead walkers were chosen and their task was to check out the map, use the compass and guide the group to the next spot. Each time he told us different interesting facts including stopping at Parliament rock which is at Crockern Tor. Here, Mr Howe sat in the top seat higher than anyone else because he was in charge! Harry found a great caterpillar that he held carefully and showed everyone. We stopped for lunch a Wistman's Wood and sat calmly enjoying the view. 

After lunch, we had to start climbing up! By then it was Harry's turn to be the lead and Mr Hart gave him an electronic SAT NAV to follow instead of the map. Harry and everyone else soon realised that SAT NAVs aren't always better than a map! It guided the group in a straight line, which meant walking though an area that was very bumpy and had lots of prickly gorse! So, we quickly returned to map reading so we have an easier walk with less prickles!

Our walk went via Longaford Tor and here was sat for a few minutes enjoying the view before returning back to Powder Mills.

More snacks and half an hour rest and we were ready for the next activity of the day! This time we gathered towels and went to the stream for a swim! Great fun was had by all.

Mrs Collins cooked us a lovely dinner of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread which was followed by Jelly and Cream.  

We played games during the evening and bed time followed shortly after. None of use complained that it was a earlier than last night because we all felt very tired.

We are looking forward to tomorrow when we will be staying closer to Powder Mills and completing lots of activities in small groups.



Another exciting day began early with games even before breakfast! By 9am we were ready to go into small groups for activities led by the teachers. Mr Howe took his group just a short way along a nearby path in order to have a great view across the moors. Here children had time to complete water colour paintings. Mr Hart's group sat outside the front of the centre in the warm sunshine. The children used sticks and natural wool to create ' Bull's Eyes!' The children soon became familiar with the weaving technique and enjoyed easy conversation as they progressed with their design. Mrs Skingle's group used clay to create people! Using one piece of clay, transforming it first to a sphere, then cylinder and later a star, they gradually formed their character. After giving it a little detail, our SPS clay people were placed on the wall outside the centre.

The groups rotated around the activities until each child had completed all three.

Today we had lunch outside the centre, sitting in a large circle. Afterwards we completed a team building activity that involved creating the tallest building from just spaghetti and marshmallows! 

The funniest activity of the day was making a safe package for an egg! Mr Howe was the 'official launcher' and after we had used any of the junk from the recycling box our eggs had to undertake their challenge! I'm sure the children will give you details!

Tea this evening was a Bar-be-que! It was enjoyed by all, and was followed by toasted marshmallows.

We were lucky that the clouds blew over enabling us to have our talent show outside too.

Lots of us had mixed feelings this evening. Many were tired and looking forward to returning home to parents and home comforts tomorrow. However, at the same time many felt a little sad that our great week was drawing to an end.

Tonight, sleep came quickly to some, though giggles and chatter could still be heard for a short time after lights out!



Friday Morning


Oh dear! Some children needed to be awoken this morning! Tiredness was beginning to show!

After breakfast the children washed, dressed and began packing their bags. Piles of shoes needed sorting, towels in the drying room needed returning to owners and sleeping bags needed to be rolled. It didn't take long though and after packing up lunch bags the children went down the path to the field for their final 'free time' play. This area continued to be as popular as ever and the children played, climbed and explored.

Soon, the time was over and it was time to pack the coach with all our bags. Saying goodbye to the centre it was just a short journey to Princetown where we visited the centre, had lunch in the park and walked along to the church. It was interesting looking inside the church and Mr Hart told us information about how the prisoners from Dartmoor prison had built it and that many were American.


The time was over too quickly and we returned to the coach for our final journey. The traffic was good and we returned home earlier than expected. We were so relieved to see our parents. The holiday was great, but it was so nice to see a familiar face.

Final Note:


Just as some of the adults were completing the packing and tidying, whilst the children were playing, a lady that lived next door to the centre popped in to say that it was a delight having us stay next door. She had enjoyed listening to the chatter and noise of the children playing, she had taken photos of our clay people on the stone wall and that she was amazed at how well all the children had behaved and been helpful towards each other.

The staff were felt extremely proud of the group and thanked the lady for her comments.