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Online Safety For Parent And Carers

Our Internet Safety Team are happy to help you with any advice you might need in relation to online safety. If you need some help please pop into the school office, call or email and messages will be passed on. We will try to get back to you within 48 hours or earlier if this is an urgent request.


We know that children are very good at persuading! With this in mind our favourite website for checking the content and games, films, music clips and anything else digital is found below. This website gives recommendations for age appropriate media and also the easy to use search will allow you to check the content of any new games, apps, etc that you may be feeling pressurised to allow your child to use. 

It’s important that everyone checks are reviews their profiles and passwords regularly to ensure they are safe and kept up to date.

Sometimes updates in software make changes to your privacy settings without you even knowing so it’s worth checking regularly.


Below are some weblinks that you may find useful.