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October News

What a busy month for Year 2!
At the very beginning of the month, they had an exciting visitor,  Dr Juliette. They are so excited to be involved in Seadream Education’s Plymouth Maritime History project! They explored charts of Plymouth’s coastal waters and began learning about the fish and mammals that live there. 

In history, they started by looking at timelines. 

In geography,  they looked at the wide range of rainforest animals. 

They learnt how to make a sandwich by writing instructions and in maths, they solved times tables by drawing arrays and tackled division. 

DT was all about construction! 

PE happened both inside and out and there were lots of marbles added to the kindness jar. 

There was some downtime when the classes enjoyed a film afternoon with key ring lucky dip and 10 class merits were achieved meaning a treat for Class 2SW! 
Well done Year 2!