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Mobile Phones In School



Most adults now have a mobile phone, many of which connect to the internet. Whilst we do not wish to ask parents and carers not to use these at all in the school grounds we do ask that you consider the why and where statements below.


  • Why? Is your call important that it can’t wait until you leave the school grounds?


          If you are dropping off or picking up your children, they will enjoy talking to you about their day ahead or what they have been                  learning. 


          If your call is important please stand away from others and speak quietly.


  • Where? Please don’t use your phone for calls within the school building. 


          If you have a camera on your phone and would like to take pictures during a class assembly or celebration, please follow the                      guidance at the start of any production. 


         Please do not take any images without first seeking permission for a staff member.





We are aware that some of the older children carry a mobile phone with them when travelling to and from school as a safe-guarding measure. If your child requires this, please see your class teacher where they will give you full details of the procedures in place to ensure the safety of all pupils. 


Mobile phones should not be brought to school, or carried in school, by any pupil for any other purpose.


As part of our safeguarding procedures we have a Mobile Phone Policy that can be viewed in the Policy Section by clicking here where it gives full details of our guidelines adults and children.