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Re: Statutory Consultation School Attendance Penalty Notice Code of Conduct


Penalty Notices can be used by schools to address unauthorised pupil absence. In order to issue a penalty notice the Local Authority must have a Code of Conduct that has been developed in consultation with Head Teachers/Principals, Governing Bodies and the Chief of Police. Plymouth City Council is conducting a statutory consultation in relation to changes to the Code of Conduct. The proposal is to increase the threshold set within the Code of Conduct, from 8 unauthorised sessions (4 days) to 11 unauthorised sessions (5.5 days) and also use the school’s attendance policy as a threshold, before a penalty notice can be issued. The Education (Penalty Notices) (England) Regulations 2004 (as amended) require the Local Authority, to consult with governing bodies, Head Teachers and the Chief Officer of Police to develop the Code of Conduct.


In addition to a consultation for changes to the Code of Conduct, Plymouth City Council is seeking views from the public and other stakeholders regarding the following:  


•         Aligning INSET days to straddle a weekend outside of term dates to provide a potential week’s holiday for families when holidays are less expensive.

•         Shortening the six-week summer holiday as a way of creating an additional week of holiday at another point in the year, potentially the October and May break. This would then provide a potential two weeks of holiday for families when holidays are less expensive.


We are also seeking parent/carer views so I would be grateful if you can share the survey with parents and carers and encourage them to respond.


Please take the time to respond to this consultation survey, the deadline for response is 4:30pm on 30th September 2019. Responses can be emailed to




Kathy Brettell
Professional Assistant
Education, Participation and Skills
Plymouth City Council
Windsor House