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Internet and E-Safety

The Internet Safety Team


The Internet Safety Team is led by Mrs Skingle and supported by Mrs Menis and Miss Hodges. The document below identifies further staff that may be involved if internet safety incidents are reported. 



At Shakespeare we work hard to ensure every child is safe whilst using any Computing device. This begins with ensuring our equipment is safe to use and all cables are kept to a minimum. From Year 1 the children are taught to collect and carry our mobile equipment carefully around school. They confidently use laptops and other devices equipment well.


Equally, we work hard to ensure that when children are using any device they are safe. Children have filtered access to the Internet but most importantly are taught what to do if they see anything inappropriate or upsetting. Our teaching encourages children to make the right choices in their use of the internet, builds up positive resilience strategies and prepares them for becoming responsible independent users of the Internet. 


We like to hear that children are safe using the Internet at home. We also know that children learn by trying new things and this sometimes include taking risks. To support you we have added some links below that may help you with your Internet Safety at home.