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Internet and E-Safety

Internet and E Safety is a very important element of all our learning using ICT in school. Staff have received training and our school uses the 360 degree safety self review tool to monitor progress in this area and set personal targets for further improvement. 


Whilst all adults are involved in this key area, below is a list of key staff and their specific roles.


Mrs K Menis - Designated Person for Child Protection
Mrs T Skingle - E-Safety Coordinator

Internet and E-Safety is taught throughout our school year and in February each year children review and extend their learning and understanding when we celebrate Internet Safety Day. This is designed to teach children how to behave responsibly, and safely, in this era of modern technology; not just the Internet, but also mobile phones, Smart phones, tablets and emails.


This year children in each class created an Internet Charter that is displayed in each classroom.


Our children also learnt about the school's mobile phone policy and now know that they have the right to challenge adults using their mobile phones incorrectly in designated areas throughout the school.


Please use the links below if you wish to learn more about Internet Safety; if you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to come into school and see us!