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Day Four


After a successful win by StitchNite at quiz night on Day Three, all the children and staff enjoyed a good night's sleep. 


In the morning, Mrs Collins and her group took to the caves where they explored the tunnels and took on the wiggle challenge. 


Mr Benson and Miss Hodges' groups took to the clifftops for a morning of abseiling. Every child bravely stepped over the edge on to the waiting platform. Miss H also faced her 27 year old abseiling fear and was the last to descend. Noticeably Mr B remained firmly on the ground (again!!).


Mr Norris and Miss Sayward's groups took the canoes into the harbour and they were fortunate to see all eight of the resident seal who were enjoying a burst of sunshine whilst basking on the pontoon.


The afternoon saw all the children build two rafts before taking them to the harbour. It was a battle of the paddles as the teams raced with Mr Norris’ team victorious over Miss Hodges’ team. 


For dinner, Christmas came early at Grenville House with a superb turkey roast for dinner. Every child had crackers and rich chocolate ice cream for pudding. 


In the evening, we held our talent show -  a variety show packed with singing, comedy, magic and funny voices was enjoyed by all. 


Day Three


Sleep! We all slept for a long time!  Hurrah! 


It's was to the caves for two groups who have become the first from Shakespeare to make it to the lake, which is situated deep down inside the tunnels. The children have all remarked how clear the water was and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which is both physical and a test of nerve. 


Meanwhile, back at the centre, the other children took on the high ropes and 75% successfully took the leap of faith. Those who didn't quite make it to the top still gave it their best effort and everyone came away proud of their achievements. 


In the afternoon, everyone donned a wetsuit and went coasteering. This activity saw us jumping into the sea from rocky outcrops and swimming round to climb out and jump again. Normally this activity would take us along the coastline but due to recent tides, we stayed within a cove. We all enjoyed floating in the sea and encouraging each other to jump in. 


Tea was jacket potatoes followed by treacle pudding and custard. After a room inspection, the children all gathered in the common room for a quiz night and treats. 


Some photos from today are below. 


Day Two


After a varied night’s sleep (for some!), the children split into their groups to undertake a variety of activities such as caving, high ropes, RNLI visit and an afternoon of problem solving followed by a walk to beach where we saw some seals playing in the harbour. 


The cavers overcame some fears and showed determination as they scrambled, climbed and slid into the belly of the cave. 


The team at the centre went to new heights as they braved the high ropes in high winds. Jacob’s ladder and the leap of faith were all conquered by various individuals. 


The fifth team ventured into Brixham and toured the RNLI centre. They were really fortunate to see some seals in the harbour. 


The afternoon turned a little cool as the children worked together to solve various problems. Communicating well and thinking things through, they had to ensure their whole team travelled across a plank maze. 


The light began to fade as we trekked down to the beach where once again the seals came out to play.


A feast of a meal made up of sausages and mash or fish fingers was devoured followed by a huge slab of chocolate brownie with ice cream. 


An evening walk to the town to see the Christmas lights is planned this evening before we all climb into our jammies for a good night’s sleep. 


More photos from today are below.  


Day One 


We arrived safely and all the children undertook their first challenge - to put a duvet cover on their duvet and fitted sheet on a mattress! They sorted their rooms and settled for some lunch. 


After lunch, we wrapped up warm and headed to Berry Head for a few hours of orienteering. This activity encouraged the children to work as a team and explore their environment.    


As the light faded, we settled back into the centre to warm up and enjoy some down time before dinner. 


A yummy dinner of lasagne and garlic bread followed by apple crumble and custard for pudding. 


More updated to follow....