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British Red Cross Activity Pack

These are uncertain times for us all and these new activities help learners build their resilience and reduce household tensions that might arise during these challenging times.

Within the materials you can download on this page, you will find videos, case studies and creative colouring activities to help engage children and young people. Activities are suitable for primary and secondary learners, with different activities where needed.

Learning objectives  

Learners will:

  • reflect and create messages of kindness
  • learn about resilience
  • learn techniques for defusing household tensions
  • be encouraged to share stories of kindness and help others
  • build empathy
  • develop an adaptable mindset

Resource overview  

1. Messages of kindness

During the crisis there has been an outpouring of kindness. Using real-life examples, learners will consider the power of kind messages, think how they can be kind and write and share their own kind message. Download messages of kindness.

2. Living together with kindness

This stressful time can lead to household tensions. Exploring active listening skills will help learners defuse household tensions during lockdown. Download living together with kindness.

3. Stories of resilience

Being resilient means being able to adapt to these changes. Using real-life stories learners will consider how we can become resilient and help our communities to be resilient too. Download stories of resilience.

4. A history of kindness

Using posters from the Red Cross museum archive we present the first of our own museum colouring activities. Learn about the history of the Red Cross and ease stress with this mindful activity. Download a history of kindness.

5. Reflect on your week

Take this opportunity to reflect on the week and update the kindness calendar. What kind acts can learners celebrate?