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Around the World Times Table Challenge

Are you aware that each week your child will take a three minute times table test?


Are you aware that each test is named after a different country and each country tests a specific set of times tables?


Are you aware that each time your child correctly answers all the questions within the time period, they will move to a new country and gain a sticker in their times table passport?


Are you aware that to regain entry to the UK, your child must face Mr Norris' face to face test?


Lots of parents have been asking about our time table challenge so we thought we would use this page to try and answer some of these queries. 


Once a week, a test will be taken in class and each child will have three minutes to answer all the questions correctly in order to move on to the next country. Every child starts on Great Britain. Below is a table of the countries, their order and the times tables that will be tested within that country. Each child has a passport and a sticker will be added to the passport upon successful completion of a country.


Once your child has completed the countries, they must visit Mr Norris to take a verbal test. If successful, they return to the UK and begin their journey around the UK, visiting different counties, which test various mathematic skills, such as conversion, reflection, angles and timetable interpretation. 


By supporting your child at home with recalling their times tables facts, you will be helping them fly around the times table world in supersonic timeframes. 


CountryTimes Tables 
Great Britain2 and 10
France2 and 5
Italy3 and 5
Egypt3 and 4
Kenya3, 4 and 8
South Africa4, 6 and 8
India6, 7 and 9
China7, 9, 12 and square numbers
CanadaDivision for 3, 4, 6 and 8
AustraliaDivision for 6, 7, 8 and 9
United State of AmericaDivision for 7, 9, 12 and square numbers
MexicoRandom multiple facts and cube numbers
BrazilRandom division facts
Mr Norris - Return to the UKAny multiple and division facts including square and cubed numbers (verbally)