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Be The Best You Can Be Week.


This week, the whole school has been celebrating "Be The Best You Can Be" Week. It has been an opportunity for each children to explore their hopes and aspirations for the future.


Paralympic triathlete, David Hill, opened our celebrations by taking assembly on Monday and sharing his journey to being a successful Paralympian in both swimming and triathalon. He took time to talk to each year group about the challenges of his disability and how he worked extremely hard to overcome all the obstacles he was faced with.


The children have been writing their CV's in class, sharing their qualities and responsibilities - both at home and at school. They even had the chance to give others positive compliments regarding the talents and skills they see each other demonstrate on a day-to-day basis.


On Thursday afternoon, the school was privileged to host a guest speaker afternoon where visitors from Babcock, The Royal Marines, Plymouth Aquarium, Music Makers, FoodBank, Sustrans, Plymouth Argyle, Stand Up to Cancer and Warwick House Nursing Home. We would like to thank everyone joined us - our children were really engaged and inspired by the talks that took place.


The end the week, all the children dressed up as their future aspiration; firemen, nurses, teachers, RSPCA inspectors and even a Batman or two were spotted around the school.


Please check out your child's year group page to see more pictures and samples of CV's from the week.

Upper Primary Christmas Production - Cinderella and Rockerfella


In a tale of good over evil, Cinderella won her Rockerfella when the shoe fitted. Her nasty (and gusty) sisters with the wicked interventions of Fairy Nasty Boots tried to thwart her happiness but the Fairy Brigade were on hand with a Whey, Hey, Hey and a healthy spattering of glitter dust to bring true love together. Teaser the dog found his voice to scupper the plans of Naughty Kitty and Buttons became the Next Big Thing. 


A spectacular display of acting, singing and dancing were offered over the two performances and we are extremely proud of every single child that took part, both on stage and behind the scenes to bring the story to life. 


The production has received rave reviews:


The best production yet!


What talent! Really impressive!




School governor, Judi Vine, was particularly impressed and has sent the children a wonderful email full of praise and Christmas cheer.


Well done everyone!



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Lower Primary Phase - Christmas From Around The World


The children from Year 2, 3 and 4 put on an exceptional display of singing and jigging with a wholesome international flavour when they performed Christmas From Around the World. 


Following the story of the angels who were yet to get their wings, the children taught us the traditions of Christmas from many different countries. As the Angels journeyed on, they finally were rewarded with some shiny, golden wings.


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, carers and friends of Shakespeare who came to watch and support the show. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Onesie Wednesday - Upper Phase Charity Event


This year, the Upper Primary Phase are supporting the charity, FoodBank Plymouth. Rather than collecting monetary donations, the children donate items for the FoodBank. Our latest event (Onesie Wednesday) saw the children enjoying a day in their favourite onesie or pyjama set. A massive amount of tinned fruit, vegetables, desserts and UHT milk was collected and we would like to thank all parents and carers for making this event a huge success.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Early Years Christmas Performance - I'm A Star, Get Me Out Of Here!


A wonderful display of singing and dancing was performed by the children in Early Years. Glittering stars and adorable elves all sparkled on the stage. An abundance of smiles and Christmas cheer were there for all to see. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, carers and friends of Shakespeare who came to watch our production and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Empty Classroom Day


Last Thursday (12th October 2017), the whole school took part in Empty Classroom Day. The day celebrates the benefits of learning outside of the classroom environment. A wide variety of geography based activities took place such as orienteering, compass reading and Year 6 incorporated some science by investigating wind direction. 


Some photos from the day are below. Please take a look at your child's year group page for more news about the day and other activities they have enjoyed this term.

The Colours of Harvest


The whole school gathered around a bumper "harvest" of donations this morning to celebrate the colours of harvest. A mountain of food, ready for collection by the Foodbank Plymouth, formed the centrepiece of our wonderful assembly.


During the assembly, that was also attended by School Governors, parents and friends of Shakespeare, we heard  wonderful performances of poetry reading and singing. Our youngest members of the school took us on "A Leaf Hunt" whilst the older children sang to us the colours of harvest.


We ended our celebration with a school harvest tradition - the singing of Big Red Combine Harvester - a firm favourite with all the children and staff.


Katie from the Foodbank thanked the children for their donations and we will update you shortly with how much we managed to collect.


Reverend Andy Bowden led the school in prayer, giving thanks for the food we receive.


Photos from the assembly can be seen below.


No Pens Day!


Last week, we enjoyed a day in class with no pens. The day allowed both teachers and children to opportunity to learn without the use of boards, paper and whiteboards.


Everyone enjoyed the day and took part in many different activities.  Here are some of the children's thoughts about the day:


Lily (Yr6) - It was fun and we got to be creative.


Lacie - (Yr5)  - We learnt different ways of learning.... I think it helped me to remember things more.


Amelia (Yr4) - I thought it was different because there were no book work or pencils. I enjoyed it!


Mylee (Yr3) -  It was good because it gave our hands a break for a change!


Krystal (Yr2) - I liked it because we went outside and used the number square.


Poppy (Yr1) - It was great! My favourite part was the acting.


Ethan (Reception) - We painted using cars, then we washed them. It was cool!


A book of quotes and photos of the day is being compiled and will be available to view in the enquiry zone.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Harvest Festival Approaches - Foodbank Assembly


During assembly, Katie from the Plymouth Foodbank came in to speak to the children about their work supporting families with food parcels within our local community. Last year, you donated 402.95 kgs of food as part of our harvest celebration and we are going to attempt to collect even more this year!


Katie talked about which types of food they would like to collect and the full list is pictured below. She has asked if we can refrain from collecting baked beans as they have quite the bean mountain growing at the centre! Any tinned meats, vegetables, fruit and fish are needed, in addition to cereal, pasta, pasta sauce and long life juices and milk.


More information about the Foodbank and their role within our community can be found here.


Harvest Festival will take place on Wednesday 11th October 2017.

Picture 1
Picture 2 The Foodbank's Wish List

The Shakespeare Exhibition


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, carers and friends of Shakespeare who turned up to our open afternoon - The Shakespeare Exhibition. The children always enjoy showing their work to family and friends and the event was a huge success. We hope you enjoyed visiting all the year groups and seeing the work on display.


Some really lovely comments were left in the visitors books. Here is a small sample:


"Lots of fantastic work on show. The kids have worked very hard."


"Great to see the work and progress the children have made."


"Good to see you have been working so hard."


Some photos from the event are below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Willow Weaving


As a result of all the fantastic willow weaving that took place earlier in the term, we have been able to refresh the display in our enquiry zone. Please take some time to come and have a look at "Bruce" and his fishy friends. Will you be able to spot your fish?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Summer Term Display Boards

Summer Term Display Boards 1
Summer Term Display Boards 2
Summer Term Display Boards 3
Summer Term Display Boards 4
Summer Term Display Boards 5
Summer Term Display Boards 6
Summer Term Display Boards 7
Summer Term Display Boards 8
Summer Term Display Boards 9
Summer Term Display Boards 10
Summer Term Display Boards 11
Summer Term Display Boards 12
Summer Term Display Boards 13
Summer Term Display Boards 14
Summer Term Display Boards 15
Sports Day
Our children enjoyed taking part in Sports Day at the YMCA on Thursday. The races were all tight to the finish line and there were lots of winners and close runners up.
The final scores looked like this: 1st - Hamlet with 3090 points
2nd - Tempest with 2770 points
3rd - Macbeth with 2560 points
4th - Othello with 2300 points
We would like to thank all of the parents, friends and families who made the trip down to the YMCA to support us. Without your support, events like this would not be such a success!
Some photos from the day are below.


Willow Weaving


This week, the children have been shown the art of willow weaving. Each class has enjoyed learning this new skill and have produced some wonderful willow fish for a new display in our Enquiry Zone. 


Here are some of the wonderful creations.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Health Week 2017


Last week, the whole school enjoyed Health Week. During the week, each year group enjoyed a wide variety of activities relating to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


The children had the opportunity to take part in yoga, free dance and a fun exercise activity involving the tune Pop See Ko (You have no doubt been shown this by your child)


Year 6 visited Bull Point to participate in the Junior Life Skills event,  which gave them the opportunity to talk to members of the emergency services including Devon and Cornwall Police, Devon and Somerset Fire Service and the RNLI. Each station explained to them how to stay safe. Members of staff from Great Western Railway and Western Electric also attended to speak to the children about the dangers of railways and electricity. 


Year 6 also visited Ham Woods to undertake some "Care in the Community" work; this time, they had fun bracken crushing! 


The highlight of the week was the inflatable obstacle course. Lots of smiling faces and laughter emerged as both pupils and some staff took on the challenge. Great fun and lots of energy used to complete the course. 


The week ended with the children discussing the pitfalls of too much sugar in a diet and which food combinations result in a healthy, balanced diet. A competition was launched for children to design a healthy plate and the winner will be announced shortly. 


A range of photos from the week are available below. 

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!


Last Friday, to celebrate the birthday of William Shakespeare, the whole school learnt more about the writer and his work.


Each year group chose one play and then performed an extract during a phase assembly in the afternoon.


Here are the plays they chose:

Nursery, Foundation and Year 4 - A Midsummer's Night Dream

Year 1 & 2 - The Tempest

Year 4 - Macbeth

Year 5 - Romeo and Juliet

Year 6 - Twelfth Night


All the children enjoyed exploring Shakespeare's descriptive way of writing, especially in Year 6 where they discovered many of his phrases are still used today such as "Dead as a doornail" and "Wear your heart upon your sleeve". They also enjoyed making up their own Shakespearean insults like "You slobbering, pigeon-livered toad!"


At lunch time, the kitchen offered a special menu of Fish and Chips or Macaroni Cheese.

Easter Service

Congratulations to all year groups for wonderful performances on both days of the Easter Service.


A wonderful variety of songs, stories and music was performed - well done!


Some pictures from the event are below.

Easter Service

Easter Service 1
Easter Service 2
Easter Service 3
Easter Service 4
Easter Service 5
Easter Service 6
Easter Service 7
Easter Service 8
Easter Service 9
Easter Service 10
Easter Service 11
Easter Service 12
Easter Service 13
Easter Service 14
Easter Service 15
Easter Service 16
Easter Service 17
Easter Service 18
Easter Service 19
Easter Service 20
Easter Service 21
Easter Service 22
Easter Service 23



We've had a fantastic day dedicated to art, in a variety of forms. Each classs has had the opportunity to try out two different styles of art today, with two different year group teachers.


In the Lower Phase:


Year 1 spent the day with the Year 2 teachers, creating wonderful silhouettes of trees in winter and cartoons.

Year 2 went to the Year 3 teachers to experience samba drumming and clay sculpting.

Year 3 enjoyed creating pop art and crafting with the Year 1 team.


In the Upper Phase:


Year 4 took part in media studies and dance (they performed the Haka!) with the Year 5 teachers.

Year 5 headed to Year 6 to try their hand at animation and spring themed pastel and paint pictures.

Year 6 were hands on with trick photography and origami with the Year 4 team.


Everyone had a great day and some excellent creations have been produced. Some of our favourite pieces are featured below.

Spring Term Display Boards

Spring Term Display Boards 1
Spring Term Display Boards 2
Spring Term Display Boards 3
Spring Term Display Boards 4
Spring Term Display Boards 5
Spring Term Display Boards 6
Spring Term Display Boards 7
Spring Term Display Boards 8
Spring Term Display Boards 9
Spring Term Display Boards 10
Spring Term Display Boards 11
Spring Term Display Boards 12
Spring Term Display Boards 13
Spring Term Display Boards 14

Book Week....Read all about it!


Last week, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting our visiting authors: Clive Pig, Simon James and Gill Lewis, who all gave us an insight into how they became authors and no doubt inspired a few members of the audience.


On Friday, all the children (and some members of staff) came dressed as their favourite book characters. At times, the school looked like it had converted to Hogwarts with many a Potter, Weasley and Granger found roaming the corridors.


Many thanks to everyone who made the effort to make Book Week such a success.










Book Week - Character Day

Book Week - Character Day 1
Book Week - Character Day 2
Book Week - Character Day 3
Book Week - Character Day 4
Book Week - Character Day 5
Book Week - Character Day 6
Book Week - Character Day 7
Book Week - Character Day 8
Book Week - Character Day 9
Book Week - Character Day 10
Book Week - Character Day 11
Book Week - Character Day 12
Book Week - Character Day 13
Book Week - Character Day 14
Book Week - Character Day 15
Book Week - Character Day 16
Book Week - Character Day 17
Book Week - Character Day 18
Book Week - Character Day 19
Book Week - Character Day 20

What is your ambition?


Wow! What a start back to school in 2017...


Firstly, to start Aspirations Week, the whole school were treated to an exciting opportunity to meet Kate Grey, a Paralympic swimmer. Kate shared her story, from the moment she had her accident at age two, which resulted in her losing her hand, through to her success as a professional athlete.


Later in the day, Kate visited each year group and answered some well thought through questions and inspired both children and adults at Shakespeare Primary to be the best they can be.


The following day, we all ventured to Plymouth Theatre Royal (oh yes we did!) to see the spectacular performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Much laughter and excitement was had by all. All the children behaved impeccably and members of the public, who found themselves seated amongst some year groups complimented the children. True ambassadors for the school.

The Great Shakespeare Exhibition

On Thursday 17th November, the loft space of the Ocean Studios at the Royal William Yard was transformed into a colourful display of art and creative writing. You all worked extremely hard to produce fantastic pieces for each display; from Rotten Romans to Awful Egyptians, Blitz Dreams and Animals Prints, Changing of the Seasons to Funky Fruit and Friendly Faces to the amazing Stonehenge recreation.


Your reaction to the event during your visit and the comments from your parents, friends of Shakespeare and the members of public who popped in to have a look made all the hard work worth while. The work on display was of a superb quality and even local artists, who rent the nearby studios, commented on how many of the pieces could have been sold.


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and relations who took time out of their day to visit and share in your success.


The day was an "awesome success".


Photos from the day can be found below.

Autumn Term Displays

Autumn Term Displays 1
Autumn Term Displays 2
Autumn Term Displays 3
Autumn Term Displays 4
Autumn Term Displays 5
Autumn Term Displays 6
Autumn Term Displays 7
Autumn Term Displays 8
Autumn Term Displays 9
Autumn Term Displays 10
Autumn Term Displays 11
Autumn Term Displays 12
Autumn Term Displays 13

Let's Harvest!

​A huge thank you to everyone who donated tins, packets and goods for this year's harvest celebration. Your donations were used to create a colourful centrepiece in the hall and will go on to help feed people in need in our local community.


Our assembly opened with Year 5 & 6 singing Let's Harvest, followed by a lovely version of The World Came to My Place Today performed by Early Years.


The Lower Primary Phase, accompanied by Mr Norris on guitar and Miss Spring on keyboard, sang Our World's Harvest,  followed by Year 5 reciting the poem called The Boast of the Good Farmer.


Year 6 performed the poem, Harvest. The whole school then joined in to sing a firm favourite, Big Red Combine Harvester.


Katie from the Plymouth Foodbank personally thanked the children for their generosity and will shortly be in contact to let everyone know if the school smashed last year's total of 327kgs. The food was taken back to the Foodbank to be boxed into food parcels, ready to be given to people in need. More information on the work undertaken by The Plymouth Foodbank, how to donate and how to ask for help can be found on their website.


A closing prayer was lead by Andrew Bowden, Chaplain from All Saint's Academy.


Harvest From Around the World - Photos.

Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 1
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 2
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 3
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 4
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 5
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 6
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 7
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 8
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 9
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 10
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 11
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 12
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 13
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 14
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 15
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 16
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 17
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 18
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 19
Harvest From Around the World - Photos. 20

Photos from the Maths Trail Challenge

Photos from the Maths Trail Challenge 1
Photos from the Maths Trail Challenge 2