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We will update this page with news from Powdermill as soon as we hear from the staff who will be with the children this week. 



Every one arrived safely at Powdermill and trundled their luggage down the driveway to the accommodation

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The children has a busy afternoon searching for colours in the woods.


Mrs Radford said, "We have a great group of children with us, all of whom are happy and on good form."

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The children have had an amazing day of climbing. All the children conquered the ‘slab’. This is the first time in four years that all the children managed this. Most conquered the abseil as well. 


After travelling back on the minibus, everyone was hoping for a piece of Harrison’s lemon drizzle cake!


UPDATE: Mrs Radford sent through a late message to say she is so proud of all the children who stepped out of their comfort zone today. Everyone ate a lovely tea of spaghetti bolognese with an apple pie and custard pudding. 

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It was a quiet night at Powdermills with the tired children (and staff) resting up following a busy day of climbing on Tuesday. 

Everyone consumed a hearty breakfast in preparation for the big walk. Suncream was applied by the bottle full and everyone was on great form. 


The group trekked four miles today to Wistman's Wood and everyone enjoyed the tranquil setting, chatting as they strolled in the sunshine. The walk was completed by 2pm so ice poles have been consumed and the group have headed back to the river for an afternoon splash. It was a perfect way to cool off after the long, hot walk. 


Update: On Wednesday evening, everyone enjoyed a BBQ and toasted marshmallows. The children loved every minute. 


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The staff had a very quiet night on Wednesday whenall the children were sleepy after an exciting, fun-packed day! Early risers were up at about at 5.15am but most were about by 6.30am. Thursday was a day of art, craft and team building activities at the bunk house. 


Later, the children made egg rockets. They had to create a protective layer that would stop their egg breaking when launched from up high.  They were so good at this - only two broken eggs after two launches ( and one was Mr Howe’s!).


Mr Howe has also been learning new skills this week. We think an appearance on Masterchef may be in his future! 


The evening was relaxed with games being played. The children and staff also took to comparing bruises from the week! 


It looks like everyone has had a wonderful time and we think there may be some very tired bodies returning back to Shakespeare today!


We hope you have enjoyed the Powdermill Posts and please do share them with your children upon their return. 




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Friday Morning


After a hearty breakfast, everyone is packed up and ready to leave the bunkhouse. The group are heading off to play on the moors and pay a visit to the Princetown Visitors Centre with lunch in the local park. 


We expect to return to school for 2:40 pm.