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Photography Club

Mrs Hughes has started this photography club for pupils in Year 5.  Their first session saw them learning about composition, with the assistance of a tree in bloom.

Have a look at their excellent results.
Picture 1 Toby and Caitlin
Picture 2 Toby and Caitlin
Picture 3 Toby and Caitlin
Picture 4 Toby and Caitlin
Picture 5 Layla and Tiana
Picture 6 Layla and Tiana
Picture 7 Layla and Tiana
Picture 8 Layla and Tiana
Picture 9 Shikela and Cortney
Picture 10 Shikela and Cortney
Picture 11 Shikela and Cortney
Picture 12 Shikela and Cortney
Picture 13 Missy and Mia
Picture 14 Missy and Mia
Picture 15 Missy and Mia
Picture 16 Missy and Mia
Picture 17 Max and Nick
Picture 18 Max and Nick
Picture 19 Max and Nick
Picture 20 Max and Nick