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Our day at Paignton Zoo - 27 September 2016

We going to the zoo…. Year 2’s adventure to Paignton Zoo.

In keeping with this term’s topic - Animals and their habitats - Year Two took the opportunity to take their learning to Paignton Zoo.

Here is Josie and Thaksaya’s review of the day.

The girls were excited about their trip because they have been learning  about animals in class. Before going to the Zoo, both girls were looking forward to seeing two specific animals. Josie was keen to see a sloth because they have a puppet sloth in class and Thaksaya wanted to see a slithery snake.  Unfortunately, the sloth was hiding in the darkness of the bathouse and whilst they did not encounter a real snake, they did get to see a snake skin. Thaksaya was surprised that it was dry and rough and not slimy at all. She did not expect this.

The girls did get to see lots of baby animals, including meerkats, tiger and lion cubs. Josie said “I saw a crocodile with just his eyes popping above the water. I think he was eyeing up which one of us he’d like for his tea!”

Thaksaya felt scared when she encountered the stripy tiger. “It was really close to the fence; fast asleep in the corner. As it’s a dangerous animal, this made me feel really nervous”.

The girls told me they learnt loads of new facts. Josie learnt the meaning of the word Savannah. She is going to try and use this word in her next piece of writing. Thaksaya found out that the poisonous part of a poison dart frog is its skin. She said “They are really hard to find as they are so small but they are also really colourful. They can be blue, red, orange or purple.”

Both girls highly recommend Paignton Zoo for a day out. To find out more about the zoo, please follow the link to their website here.

Our wonderful day at Paignton Zoo!