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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Welcome and thank you for visiting the governance page of our school website.  On 1st April 2018 we became a member of the Learning Academies Trust.  The Learning Academies Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and is registered at Companies House.

The Learning Academies Trust is run by a Board of Directors.


The role of Directors:
Directors have been appointed because of the range of skills and expertise they can bring to help realise the Learning Academies Trust’s vision and values and enhance the effective strategic leadership and management.  Directors are responsible for the governance of the schools in the Trust.
The Board of Trustees is the accountable body for the performance of all schools within the MAT and as such must:
•    Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
•    Hold the senior staff to account for the educational performance of the schools and their pupils, and the performance

      management of staff
•    Oversee the financial performance of the MAT and make sure its money is well spent

Local Advisory Boards
The Local Advisory Board’s role is to understand how the school is led and managed, acting as the eyes and ears of the school and its community and have a role in influencing decision making.  The Local Advisory Board will secure school improvement through effective and accountable governance, challenge and support.
The LAB will use its detailed knowledge and engagement with stakeholders to ensure that their school is being well served by the executive leadership, and has direct access to the board if there are concerns.


Local Advisory Board at Shakespeare Primary School
The Local Advisory Board (LAB) meets at least six times.  Its membership is:-


Karen Menis 01/05/18 - 30/04/22 Headteacher  
Judith Vine 01/05/18 - 30/04/22 Local Governor Pupil Premium
Kevin Miller 01/05/18 - 30/04/22 Local Governor English/Staff Wellbeing
Rebecca Edwards 01/05/18 - 30/04/22 Local Governor Attendance
Kirsty Roszell 01/05/18 - 30/04/22 Parent Governor SEND and Looked After Children
Steven Perryman 29/06/18 - 28/06/22 Parent Governor Maths
Laura Hacker 01/05/18 - 30/04/22 Staff Governor Early Years
Nic Beswetherick 01/05/18 - 30/04/22 Staff Governor Safeguarding
Miles Smith 10/07/18 - 09/07/22 Local Governor English



You can find out more about our Governors as you browse through the gallery of pictures drawn by some of our pupils.
Picture 1 Mrs Karen Menis Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mr Kevin Miller Local Governor
Picture 3 Mrs Judith Vine Local Governor
Picture 4 Mrs Rebecca Edwards Local Governor
Picture 5 Mrs Kirsty Roszell Parent Governor
Picture 6 Mrs Nic Beswetherick Staff Governor
Picture 7 Mrs Laura Hacker Staff Governor
Picture 8 Mr Miles Smith Local Governor
Picture 9 Mr Steven Perryman Parent Governor
Picture 10 Mrs Fielding Clerk to Governors