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Electric Lemons

Last week, the children in Year 6 who did not go to Grenville House, used their problem solving skills to explore the lemon battery phenomena.


After trouble shooting and overcoming numerous difficulties, we were delighted to light an LED with the halves of two lemons, wired in series. Inspired by our success, we generated numerous questions that we would like to explore such as:

  • Will other fruits power an LED?
  • Will more lemons make an LED shine brighter?
  • How does changing the metal of the negative terminal affect the LED's brightness?
  • Will lemon juice power an LED?
  • What voltage do different fruits generate?


We worked collaboratively to plan and carry out these investigations. There were lots of surprises! We were able to turn our results into bar graphs and raise lots of new questions to take our investigations further.


Below are some photos of our experiments.