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Always Good Club - Autumn Term winners and their day out to Plymouth Argyle Football Club

Always Good Club 

 Three times a year, teachers and their support staff will chose one member of their class to join the Always Good Club. The child they nominate will demonstrated impeccable manners, qualities of a good friend, be kind and considerate to others, take pride in being a member of Shakespeare Primary School and will be an advocate for good behaviour and setting a great example around the school environment. Each child will be treated to a day out to recognise their achievements.


For the Autumn Term, the following children were selected:


Hedgehogs - Jack

Squirrels - Mason

1B - Ethan

1S - Sammy

2N - Courtney-Leigh

2S - Finley

3SB - Megan

3JS - Emma

4H - Finley

4T - Cameron

5W - Harry

5H - Lily

6W - Max 

6R - Marley


Mr Benson took the children on an exclusive tour of Plymouth Argyle Football Stadium. All the children enjoyed their visit and lots of smiley faces were on display. 

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